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Intermittent Internet


Hello Everyone, 

Since Telus wants to charge me $175 for a tech to come fix the issue i have been having off and on for months, i figured i would try here. Basically my network had been setup from my fiber line into my Nokia ONT to the Telus Network Access Box to the Telus wireless router. Ever since they replaced my hardware, my wireless has been intermittent. My question is; is it possible to go from the Nokia ONT to my own router, or from the fiber line right into the Telus Network access box. I am trying to figure out what they did that is causing the intermittent connection to my devices. Any help would be greatly apricated.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes you can go directly to your own router. However, if you have the older version of Optik TV, it may not work on your router. Another option some have used is to add a switch between the ONT, and two routers; one for Optik, and the other for the rest of your network. Each router will have its own IP address.


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