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Resolved! Connecting T3200M to patch panel/home wired network

I'm looking to hook up our internet (through the T3200M) into our home's pre-wired Cat5e network so we can have wired internet for computers/gaming. For reference, we have a relatively new townhome that was purchased pre-wired with ethernet hookups i...

CurlingGuy1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Actiontec T3200M in bridge mode with ASUS RT-AC86U

I got a new ASUS AC86U with which I've created a mesh network with an older ASUS router. For mesh to work, the 86U must be in wireless router mode and not wireless access point mode. This means the Telus DSL modem must be in bridge mode. I successful...

Resolved! Can I get a wired Router?

So my family has had Wireless only internet for awhile now and I recently heard that if you had Dial up internet back in the day you should be able to get a wired router which would be better internet than the wireless I'm dealing with now I'm wonder...

Resolved! 2.4g and 5G

Hello everyone! My internet was was working perfectly fine but around 2 weeks ago my 2.4g and 5g suddenly disappeared for some reason. I thought waiting it out would fix it but nope. Before I could disable or enable 2.4g and 5g in my wireless basic s...

Woo by Just Moved In
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fibre 250 internet and wireless speed

I have been on Telus Fiber optic Internet & TV since March 2017 in Vernon. It is advertised at 250 Mb upload and download. I check my speeds regularly on Ookla speed check and it consistently is around 275 Mb download and 248 Mb upload speed. We are ...

Berk by Just Moved In
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Fox sports racing

Can we please add fox sports racing to the channel line up please ever since speed went away it's never been the same I understand we can thave fox sports 1 but we can get fox sports racing Rogers out east has it and other companies as well

Optik tv freezes, fragments and glitches

Hi,I'm really hoping for feedback from more than one person so I have a bit more to chew on with this. We are fairly new to Optik tv and I have to say that, at this point, not impressed. Long story short, in just a few short months we've had the tech...