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Inconsistent speeds

Just Moved In

I purchased a telus smart hub. I am very close to several cellular towers one 3km away the other 2km. My signal strength however is weak -115db. When i received my smart hub there were no small attenna to Connect to the plug on the back. Speed however for the most part was good. 20mbps or more. I decided to ensure i was getting a good signal i would purchase a unidirectional outdoor attenna. I hooked this from the booster directly into one of the attena connections on the back of the smart hub. This gave me a much better signal -45db. My speeds however are very inconsistent. One minute i am 20+mbps then all of a sudden i am 2mbps or lower. If i reset the smart hub seems to help. Would anyone no what would be causing this and should i have a second small attenna hooked off the second connection on the back of the smart hub. Getting through to an actual telus technical assistant is pretty much a Entire days task. 



I wonder if the booster is removing the signal strength difference between the 2 cell towers. The hub may be flip flopping connections between the 2 towers because it can't decide which one is better.