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Internet only working with VPN




I recently moved my fibre optic box from one side of the hallway to the other. I had to unplug it to re route it.


Since reconnecting everything, web pages do not load.


I randomly thought I'd connect my VPN and hey presto, I have semi normal internet again!!!


Any ideas on how I can get back to normal without the use of my VPN? I'm assuming by unplugging stuff that I might have changed reverted to some default settings, perhaps?!





What do you mean by web pages "do not load". Are you getting an error? If so what is the error?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply.


Simply, my browser will not load anything until I connect my VPN.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Which VPN are you using and do they have a software based program installed? If so have you removed the software and tried your internet after a reboot.

Express VPN. There's software installed, which doesn't open on startup. I think the problem lies elsewhere as mentioned in the next comment. 
I'm online now without an issue whilst connected to the VPN which means I'm receiving bandwidth but why would it be blocked without the VPN.

I did unplug the ONT to move the move so maybe this has caused the issue?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Express VPN software still does network configuration changes when you install it. Hence i said totally remove it so it reverts back to your previous network configurations to rule it out.

Try using another device that doesn't have VPN installed.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Unplugging is no different than a power outage. The ONT would return to normal from that instance, so in my opinion, the issue lies elsewhere. In the meantime, try turning off all your network equipment, and restart in order from the ONT to the distant ends of your network.


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