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Move out service but no equipment!!

Just Moved In


We scheduled our move in/out to a new building; however, the instructions said to take the equipment with us so the technician could install it in the new apartment. 

We don't have internet equipment since our current building has the modem set up already and installed on the wall (which, of course, we can't take with us). Is the technician bringing new equipment? I tried to call and check what to do on our end without success, and we need the internet ASAP since my wife and I work from home. 


Thank you. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Are you moving in to a single home or MDU (such as a condo tower, etc.)?

Just Moved In
We’re moving to a MDU.

Hi - if you have a technician appointment they will bring the equipment needed to make sure you have internet ready to go