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#TELUS free wifi network not working

I have been using this specific #telus free network for over a year now. It is suddenly not working but only specifically for my phone. It will work for other devices just not mine. I have tried everything but no luck.

Intermittent Internet

Ever since we updated our service from Internet to now having Internet and optik tv we have had nothing but problems with our internet connectivity. One week the internet uptime is pretty good (just some small 30 second windows where we drop service)...

Port forwarding doesn't work?

I'm trying to set up a dedicated game server that uses default ports 2456-2458. I go through the self explanatory menus and open those ports up with the correct local IP the server is hosted on. Then when anybody tries to connect it just times out. P...

wolffe by Friendly Neighbour
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#Telus Wifi too many re-directs, not able to log in

I have been trying to connect #Telus public wifi for years, but was not always successful. I had a ShawOpen account so I never really cared. Now that I won't be able to use Shaw soon, I want to use the Telus public wifi. I have been with Telus for ye...

jdmbenz by Just Moved In
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DC plug for Telus ONT box??

I currently have a UPS battery backup system powering my Telus modem and ONT box. However in order to free up more space and save energy I need to switch to a DC-only UPS system. For the Telus modem this is no problem as it uses a standard 5.5mm DC b...

Matt89 by Just Moved In
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Is it a Scam?

2 guys just came by today offering 1gb speed plus home security, tv and 2 smart devices and bill credit so I can cancel my subscription with Shaw. They asked for my drivers license. Is this a legit offer? Is Telus really going door to door? They were...

JGotinga by Just Moved In
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need help to install voip afere new router

i have new installation with routerNH20AVersion du logicielv1.00.15 build05Version de l'équipementR01the internet work fine and local iptv alsoi need to use voip ata-112 for voice ipthe first days i can call any from lan but i can't receive any call ...

cadnet by Just Moved In
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