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Home wifi

Power failure in my community today. It’s back but I no longer have wifi at home. I’ve reset the everything to no avail. Optik TV’s are working fine. Thoughts on next steps?

Tailwynd by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Forum admins: Why is my post locked?

I hadn’t had a chance to respond to the latest reply.

Resolved! when will telus stop callers using a fake phone number

it was announced that all carriers had to have the software to stop phone scammers using other peoples is NOT happening you still get scam calls from other peoples phone numbers?Since the new years we have had lots of them. one idi...

Anon125 by Advocate
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Resolved! Network adapter stuck at 100mbps

Just got Telus internet setup, paying for 940mbps. Running cat6 cables from telus router to the wall jack, then cat5e from the wall into a gb pcie card in my computer. My internet speed has been limited to 100mbps, and changing the speed in the netwo...

felixnrf by Just Moved In
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smart hub use in trailer

Curious if the smart hub is able to be installed in a camper/trailer. We are building our house on our plot of land and are in an eligible spot for smart hub use but will not have a proper building for the next 6 + months. I am hoping we can still ha...

K_n by Just Moved In
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Fibre drilling and termination box locations

Telus is installing underground fibre in my area, all the homes have underground utilities and all homes face the street head on.The homes all have from left to right (coming from the under ground right of way at the street like an upside down "T") C...

Titanium by Organizer
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