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Increase in home phone

Why has my home phone plan been changed without my knowledge or consent? An increase in $5. from Dec. to Jan. with no explanation other than my 12 month discount ends in Feb.

Resolved! Internet 25 speed

I did a speed test and the results are download 11.1 mbps and upload 2.9 mbps. Is that acceptable for 25 speed.

mike101 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Home Service/Repair Bill and Payment

How can I pay this on the interactive voice number without creating a credit on my home phone bill? I am having trouble getting a live person to resolve this.

Rootie by Just Moved In
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Resolved! OpticTV and PureFibre cabling

Having 1 Gbps PureFibre and OpticTV installed in the upcoming weeks and have a few questions regarding the install.Fibre line will come into my basement and will assume internet hardware (fibre line to router+wifi) will be installed there. I have coa...

JYAS by Connector
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Internet Usage Over Data limit

I have exceeded my internet data limit of 550 GB. This usage is unusual. Is there a way to determine each device internet usage in my home. For example, I own an Ipad, Mac and Macbook pro. Is there away to determine each device internet usage (NOT CE...

iam1oak by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Network Switch

I’m wondering if an unmanaged networks switch can be used with optik tv and Wi-Fi boosters? Do you need 1 switch for each?I prefer to have my optik boxes and boosters wired. I have a prosafe Netgear unmanaged 24 port switch but when I hook up everyth...

Jho112 by Just Moved In
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Red Deer Fiber

I would like to know how to stay up to date and have an idea of when Fiber will be installed in North Red Deer, more specifically the Glendale Neighborhood. Im on 150 DSL and Shaw keeps offering 1gb by 100mb services and it is tempting.

lbkn214 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! T3200 PPPOE

Simple question that should have a simple solution. I’ve done it before but forget how now. The modem is set to DHCP currently and the selection to switch to PPPOE is greyed out. Does anyone know how to unlock this so I can switch it over?