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Resolved! Fibre speeds for Delta, BC

So both my mom and dad live in different places.... 1 is Cresent Beach of SurreyBC and the other is in Fleetwood of SurreyBC.... Both can get 3 gig fibre internet.... My place in North DeltaBC can only get 1.5 gig internet.. It's been like this since...

cafekief by Ambassador
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Telus Pure Fibre Service Map

Hi, I am looking at moving and was wondering if Telus had a map of communities in calgary where pure fibre is available since having good and multiple internet connections is required for my work.

Does telus still have ipv6 service?

its been i don't know probably 7 years that i cannot get a ipv6, its always connecting on modem interface. using 1g fiber internet with t3200 modem and live in Edmonton. anyone has same issue?

Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 22.19.41.png
qqzzxx by Neighbour
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Telus Rewards

Hello! I got a $50 eGift certificate for Amazon through the Telus Rewards program. I cant find it in my emails and may have deleted it by mistake. I can't find any specific department that helps with the Telus Rewards program so I'm not sure who to c...

ksparks by Neighbour
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Resolved! Adding a router for a vpn

I recently received the new wifi 6 router modem and I want to use a vpn which I understand the Telus router do not support. Can I purchase an aftermarket router that does support a vpn and connect it to the back of the modem and use a vpn that way? I...

SeanZ by Neighbour
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Now on Optik cabling

During the instal the tech tells that on paper I have 75 speed, but will actually have 150 speed. Speed throughout the house is much less consistent than before. And less than 75, obviously not close to 150. I have added 3 boosters and now have much ...

Upgraded to fibre and now Alexa will not connect to optik

Prior to the upgrade Alexa connected easily to optik. Now I have enabled skills disabled skills deleted items and repeat repeat and finally I've just given up. I have called for technical support but got passed around from one person to another each ...

Jerry3 by Neighbour
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