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Scammy door to door salesman

Two months ago I switched both my home and mobile service to Telus as the door to door salesman quoted me $115/month for 3 phone lines and $73/month for home service including TV and security camera, claiming they were "free" which seemed too good to...

Wilt129 by Just Moved In
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Telus doing scammy behaviour

I have tried to reach out over the phone to resolve my frustrations. They agreed that my experience sounds very frustrating, and suggested I have submit a complaint to the TELUS Management team. I did that over two weeks ago. No reply. I will try aga...

Lou2 by Neighbour
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new internet plan

I changed the internet from personal to business but the address still the same. I would like to keep the internet under the same account even it change the business . On the 8th the technician will install the new modem. I want to understand how it ...

rewards history

last time I redeemed point by choosing Amazon but I have not got the card mail to my home address?how can I get the amazon gift card i already redeemed from my point?Thanks

Feedback - moved in from Shaw

Looong time Shaw customer, this is my first week with Telus fiber.I have to say I am VERY impressed (other than the mess in the front lawn), TELUS just completed the fiber build in my neighborhood. I've been having a LOT of issues with Shaw over the ...

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Resolved! Faster Telus for Good plans

I am on PWD and considering getting Telus Internet for Good. Currently I am using Freedom Home Internet which gives me 150 MBPS for $55 a month. I see that what Telus is offering is currently only $20 a mont but you only get 50 MBPS. is there any way...

RyDawg by Advisor
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Telus wifi hub modem needs a reboot once a day.

Ive had this problem for several months now, I’ve used telus for years and have had this same problem on other modems as well.My devices are perfectly fine, we have multiple devices connexted on ethernet and different types of devices working on wifi...

Alexinbx by Just Moved In
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Telus WiFi Hub - Port Forwarding not working?

Port forwarding on my Telus WiFi Hub (white cylinder thing) isn't working. I open the correct ports that say a particular game requires with the correct forwarding local IP, and yet the port does not open. I can connect to my own game server for exam...

wolffe by Friendly Neighbour
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