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They keep taking away my discount

Just Moved In
I have called Telus 4 separate times trying to get them to give me the phone plan they promised me back in September. I've been charged hundreds of extra dollars than I was supposed to be. I NEVER would have taken the deal they offered if it wasn't so nice! I didn't need 240 GB of data, they promised it would be $70 for my two lines, my first bill was $210 then my second bill was $100. I called them they said "oh it's just the fees" I was told I wouldn't have to pay setup fees. Anyway we finally got to December where they charged me $60, giving me a credit for some extra charges. Then they charged me $80 the following month which I was fine with. Taxes and such. Now it's up to $115 since February which is insane!! I'm at the end of my rope. Telus has caused me to have mental breakdowns. I can't be paying this much money for two **bleep** cellphones and my wifi promotional period ended as well but I didn't realize and I need to change that too. I've never wanted so badly to cancel Telus in my life and I've been a customer for years!! I'm exhausted. This company is exhausting me so I need someone from management to fix this immediately. I need someone to contact me first thing in the **bleep** morning please I am begging to no longer have to deal with this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.