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Telus WiFi Hub - Port Forwarding not working?

Port forwarding on my Telus WiFi Hub (white cylinder thing) isn't working. I open the correct ports that say a particular game requires with the correct forwarding local IP, and yet the port does not open. I can connect to my own game server for exam...

wolffe by Friendly Neighbour
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I’m debating switching fromShaw -now Rogers- but in all the forums etc - it seems there are numerous problems with this. I’m not a computer guy and it appears Telus is not exactly on site to help. In particular I’m concerned about installation- Any c...

Rodstelus by Just Moved In
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What's up with the Wi-Fi 6E Extender?

So I see Telus finally has Wi-Fi 6E, only they seem to be doing it in a rather weird way. Firstly, I found the deivce in a self install page on the Telus support site, but nowhere else on Talus's website, which is bizarre. Secondly, the setup is supe...

RyDawg by Advisor
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Resolved! internet connection

can anyone tell me what type of connection this is ?I just moved in and my roomate says it's Telus but it's a very slow connction.

PXL_20230329_180926849.jpg PXL_20230329_180907292.jpg

Here we goo again😡😡😡😡

What’s going on with my internet!!! Always seeem to have problems s with it!! Nothing connects to it anymore even wired!!!TELUS FIX THIS!!!

Aomar by Just Moved In
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Telus Router opening ports and port fowarding

I am trying to run a Teamspeak server and a game server which I had running before my recent move this month. I have open the ports up according to the requirements of the two programs.Forwarded the port to my PC and made sure it was the correct PC (...

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