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Data Throttling

Just Moved In

I have 50 gb left on my plan but for the last couple of days It hasnt been working. It is 15 days before I have to turn in my phone. Is it possible they are deliberately throttling it to incentivise me going in to get a new contract??


I have never had this happen before. It isn that I am roaming or that the switch is turned off somewhere, etc. I literally havent done anything different. The only thing different is that the data is not working and it is close to the end of my contract. Thoughts?


Community Manager
Community Manager

No, we're not deliberately throttling anything. Have you tried restarting your phone or resetting your Network Settings to see if that helps? You can always reach out to our Mobility team at 1-866-558-2273 or visit the nearest TELUS store to speak with our team as well.