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Possible Fraud

Just Moved In

Received a letter from a company called "General Credit Services Inc."  that says I owed Telus $68.80 and that my land line was cancelled.  Funny thing is I cancelled my land line myself 3 years ago since we only use our cell phones.  Thinking this was a scam I called the Telus help line and after getting put through a bunch of automated hoops I finally get a live person.  Here is what I learned:


1)  Yes I attempted to cancel the land line back in 2022.  I was placed on a $2 a month plan.  I don't recall this but they claim I agreed.  At that time my last bill was $85.63 which I paid in full and due to pro-rating I ended up with a $15.67 credit.

2)  Someone changed my billing from paper to email.  And they got my email address incorrect.  I suspect they changed it from paper to email since at $2 per month they would lose money sending a paper bill but that is just my speculation.  I prefer a paper invoice.

3)  After my last payment 2 years ago I have not seen an invoice or bill from Telus. 

4)  My credit was used up by April 2023.  They also told me now that they also changed the rate from $2.00 to some other amount.  I still don't know what that amount is since I never received a bill.  I can guarantee if they increased the fees I would have cancelled the line since we don't use it.


End of the day Telus never informed me of charges owing or monthly increases.  When I asked their agent about it all he would say is that it was legitimate.  The amount is not the point - its the principal.   From the agents perspective they could have changed the rate to $100 per month without telling me and it would have been legitimate.  It's amazing how a credit collections agency can contact me but Telus cannot.  The agent said the best they could do was offer a $20 credit.  This was after he told me initially there was nothing he could do.  It is my position that I owe them nothing.  When my credit ran out and they increased the fees I would have cancelled it immediately.


Has anyone else experienced this kind of treatment?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have, especially when it seems like some miscommunication being the cause. Give our Payment Services team a call at 310-2500 or 1-888-811-2500 and they can investigate for you.

Just Moved In

Update:  Since this post I received a call from a Telus manager who has apologized and credited my account for these charges.  To be clear, the manager called as a result of my initial telephone complaint and not my post on this forum.