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Telus box on property

Telus has 2 boxes our property. It looks like someone backed into it on one side. Telus sent a technician to fix it, they dug up our grass and changed out the one box to green and left the gray one. I asked that they clean it up and match the boxes a...

skhurshed by Just Moved In
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Port Forwarding - Port not opened

Hi, I'm trying to a host Minecraft server with my ASUS router behind the T3200M modem (provided by Telus)Here's what it looks like:T3200M -> ASUS Zen Wifi -> PCAll of these are wired. When I try to host my Minecraft server, people not on the same net...

Kief by Organizer
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No hardline

Why will TELUS not install hard lines to country residential estates? Your salesmen seem to be unaware of the issue and promise all kinds of deals and goodies, then walk away with a sheepish look and an "I'll look into it" comment only to never be se...

walkeri1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does Telus Boost wifi support Ethernet wired backhaul?

I’m thinking about setting up a mesh network in my new house. My house has Ethernet ports wired into every room. With that, I’m looking to set up a mesh network that leverages wired back haul so the speeds are consistent and max speed no matter how f...

cformosa4 by Just Moved In
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Copper Loyalty

Just renewed my tv/internet and got an interesting discount. $50 a month copper loyalty credit as there is no fibre available in my neighborhood.

Resolved! Telus Email

How to not have ( all mail ) not keep copy's of all the mail. If you delete the all mail you delete all mail in your folders drafts etc. in box.

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! Adding an additional wifi router upstairs

Hello,I have a fiber optic modem and next to that my wireless router (T3200M). Both are downstairs and provide great wifi down there, but upstairs its very poor. Since I have an ethernet cable wired upstairs from the router, I figured I could add an ...

Truant19 by Just Moved In
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Forcing device to use 2.4 over boost

I have a few Boost wifi devices scattered around the house. Each device connects back to the modem via LAN. A few months back I installed some wireless cameras outdoors. Connection has always been spotty and someone suggested forcing these devices to...

Chrisq by Organizer
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