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Nothing will connect to my telus modem

I just upgraded to Telus 25 only a few days ago and ever since, the network will appear, but nothing will connect to it. I replaced the modem with another telus one but the problem continues to be there. Its only the wifi, the ethernet still works, a...

Resolved! Internet Jack Upstairs Doesn't Work

I moved in to my new place last week and I called the Telus moving representative to change my address and to cancel my home phone service (everyone in my family uses cell phones, so no need to pay extra)The call went smoothly and the person who help...

Vince604 by Just Moved In
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Parental Control

Ok, here is a dumb question... with parental controls, when you set up each child, how does the parental control know who is using it??? Do you need a sign in on windows for each child? ThnxMark.

mkdaigle by Just Moved In
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door to door sales

please teach your door to door sales people to respect peoples rights and wishes.I just had a rep at the door who, when I said I was not interested in any form of contract, did not of have respect to say OK and leave but turned and called me crazy Th...

DALEXVBC by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus to Telus calls

How is it that Shaw -a cable company-offers free long-distance calling between their customers anywhere in Canada(eg.Abbotsford to Winnipeg) from their home phone, yet Telus-the telephone company -doesn't do the same ?? I'm not talking mobile phone ,...

Blu-ray player codes

i'm looking for the code for Sony BDP-s390 blu-ray player. The 42 code listed for Sony does not work.

DewiSant by Connector
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Resolved! Please run auto Channel Search

Hello, My TV keeps showing only this message; "please run auto channel search." Also any buttons of the remote control does not work exepting on/off. I have no idea how to deal with it. I guess my 5 year son treated the remote unproperly while I did ...

syleeee by Just Moved In
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using my own modem to switch Actiontec and second router

subject says it all. is there a way to connect my own modem so that i can use a switch to use both my Actiontec v1000h and my linksys router at once without bridging? trying to run a server with one of my desktops and it wont go "online" with actiont...

mizz3r0 by Just Moved In
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