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When will they Finish installing fibre optics in turner valley? I am waiting! Reply0

Resolved! Need Help, Being Hacked...

Hello, I am being harassed by someone who apparently has technical friends and am being repeatedly hacked. Some examples are being redirected to a bizarre address when trying to disable WPS in router - "server connection lost, redirecting to "Null".....

Abby1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Click here I need help again

I tried many things to get the Optik TV fixed and it worked for a while... until it went back to the "Recordings unavailable" part and the channels losing signal. Is there any better way to fix this, because Optik TV has now just got dumber. (This is...

Keith5 by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Return of a rental box

I currently have 4 tv boxes and am payin for the extra one I would like to cancel it and return it. How do I do that

Fontaine by Just Moved In
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Trying to order a wifi HD cable box..

I waited 1.5 hours to get through to order a HD wifi cable box . Finally got through and the guy told me my current ones were all hardwired which there not . 2 are wifi . And didn’t know you could even get such a thing . Suppose to call back in 10-15...

jeff2 by Just Moved In
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port 80 not working home security camera system

its almost 2019 and im paying telus over 120 a month for so called "pure" fiber internet... I have deployed a home security camera system $1000 system and I can not access it remotely. The manufacture said TELUS is blocking the built-in viewing softw...

Upgraded to Internet 75 but wifi speed is horrible

I just upgraded to Internet 75 and the average wifi speed I'm getting is 45mbps. On a hard wire speed test, the speed is 100+ mbps. I had spoken with Telus tech support and made few changes to wifi settings like channel, frequency, etc., but to of no...

agusta by Just Moved In
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my router will not allow me to visit other sites

Hello,ok so basically my router wont let me use other sites and webpages. the only sites that would work are insta, facbook, youtube. Its very odd and annoying because i would have to reset my router to fix the problem but after a 3 days it would res...

JakeB by Just Moved In
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Resolved! remote compatability

I have a new sanyo roku TV and the service technician just tried to set it up with the telus remote. He said he tried to get the remote to synch with the TV but couldnt figure it out so I must use two remotes for now on. One to turn the TV off and on...

Bill55 by Neighbour
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T3200M L2TP VPN using TL-R600VPN

TL-R600VPN provides VPN servers for both PPTP and L2TP/IPSec ... I have been able to get the PPTP Server to work ... but .... L2TP (the preferred mode of of operation) is not working ... reading through the Telus Neighbourhood there seems to be a com...

xBCTel by Neighbour
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