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Resolved! Unable to access two different network bands

Hello, I have had a problem with my router settings for the last two days. My router is a T3200M and my roomate had to reset it the other day because it became unresponsive but thats not the problem at hand. When i plugged it back in I noticed that t...

KO3000 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Networking Help Needed from the pros

Before I had Fibre, I bridged my Asus router directly via Port1 from the Actiontec in the same room. Worked like a charm, all laptops and desktop could communicate with each other easily. After I got Fibre installed, I decided to move my Asus router ...

Ray604 by Organizer
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Range Extender

I currently have Optik TV with 150 internet. I would like to replace my Actiontec WEB6000Q range extender with something better. Something that can allow me to attach a hard drive to to watch movies etc off of, and potentially give me better quality ...

Jared by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Poor wifi performance to Actiontec 2200 router

Just upgraded our internet to TELUS 100... seeing >104Mbps download and >50Mbps upload on both RJ45 connected devices and on my Mac laptop over wifi... however testing the download and upload speeds for wireless devices (aka cellphones) shows no more...

CNN/CBC won’t work simultaneously with 4K pvr

If I’m watchjng CBC on any of my other boxes, that channel stops working on my 4K pvr only. This also happens intermittently with CNN. Again none of the other boxes have his problem and can run the channels simultaneously, but when if anyone is on CN...

rb88 by Organizer
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Resolved! working through TV grid guide

Hi. Is anyone else frustrated with their TV onscreen guide? I have mine set to grid style. Previously, when you moved left to a time prior to current time, the actual channel would highlight and you could choose it to see what is on that particular c...

furmama by Just Moved In
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No sound after switching to Slimline 2 remote

We recently switched remotes, and ever since then we are getting no sound at all. The volume control works, and the sound is turned up, not on mute, but no sound. Everything else works fine. I've gone though all the settings on the TV, but can't figu...

JL17 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 2.4g wifi/internet not hitting 150

I have telus 150. When I switch to the 5g channel I get the 150 I expect. When I try on the 2.4 channel, I’m not even getting over 50 most of the times. I tried hardwiring and still not getting it. Using the telus issued router. What else can I do??

jasonv93 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! External IP Address Conflict

Hi! I am a "veteran" Telus user. I noticed around 2 months ago that I had an external IP address conflict between my computer, router, and Linux server. However, there could be more devices involved. Things run fine, except for cron service on my ser...

Enigma by Helpful Neighbour
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