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Intermittent drop out during the day since the lockdown.

I'm on fibre internet 150 which we've had since they laid it in my street about 4 years ago. As the installer decided to mount the router in a cupboard in the basement we've been restricted to using everything on the wi fi connection although he did wire up my outgoing wireless router to give added coverage. Since we were put on lockdown on March 16th I've been working from home on a laptop, connected to the company server via a VPN. Anyway we've had the odd VPN disconnection which could probably be traced to works end which, although frustrating is about what we're all getting in the network. The last week or so I've been getting connection glitches on my private time. I play WOT Blitz on my phone and have had both high and low ping but high packet loss at these rimes, rendering the game unplayable.
Yesterday while on a Skype call we lost all internet for about 20 seconds. It Was definitely my provider as my wife, who was browsing on her phone lost connection at the same time. My co worker whom i was talking called back has also experienced similar but not as Extreme issues on Telus. Is this as a result of the increased load on the system as a whole, or am i starting to get a different problem?