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What type of Fiber to install between telus drop and utility room?

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Does anyone know what type of fiber cable I need to purchase to be able to extend from the telus fiber? 

I live in a detached house with a detached garage with drops from the lane into the garage for the cable/tv/power (cabling then goes underground from garage to house).  When Telus installed the fiber to the house a few years ago, they just installed the fiber drop into the house.  Last year I phoned telus to sign up for the purefiber service and told them the set-up and they said a technician would come and finish the job.  When the technician came they said I needed to get an electrician to run a fiber cable from the house to garage as Telus won't do that.  So now I am thinking I will do the job myself and run fiber in a conduit from the garage to the house (about 200 feet with the various turns to run it along the house and outside and into my garage.  Does anyone know what type of fiber cable I need to buy?  I am thinking it will just plug into the grey telus box that is in the garage and then I can install the ONT box in my basement utility room at the other end of the fiber cable I run.   Alternatively if anyone knows a good electrician (in Calgary) that will do this let me know.  Thanks 


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When I recently asked that question of an installer in BC, his answer was Telus would run the fibre Optik through the provided conduit. Must be different in AB. I’ll find the label on the local fibre later today.


As promised, here is the info from an install a few years ago: Corning Cable Systems Optical Cable - FreeDM Indoor/Outdoor - 09/2015 - 31073 - SR-944IC1-0012 - 1 ClearCurve SMF - MBR 5mm - TB2 - OFNR FT4 c(ETL)us

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@CoryN  Self install conduit . Just make sure proper grade of conduit  with proper bends. I  think 360 degrees of bends is max. A pull string must be installed. Polecat