Internet usage notification: you've used 75% of your monthly data allowance...It's wrong!


I just got one of these emails and it's not the first time I've received them. The first time I got one I thought it was some form of phishing scam or someone was using my bandwidth. I've never exceeded my monthly limit. I've confirmed the email is from Telus. The only problem is I'm no where near my limit?! When I check my account it says I'm at 47% so what's going on?



I received one of those emails last month and it was accurate.

The email includes the last 3 digits of your account and the plan data limit. Do they match your account and plan?


Well the last 4 digits of my account are 4416 and the email showing the account shows *****441. The information about my plan is correct as well as the billing name and email. The only problem is that I'm at about 30% usage while the email says 75%. Message headers say it's from Telus. Very strange.



That is a match on your account. The last number is a check digit or something and isn't used when corresponding withe TELUS. You need the last number when setting up bill payments at your bank however.


Was the data liimit quoted in the email correct for your plan?


Yes everything appears to be correct. The email has my correct internet plan as well as limit. The only thing wrong is the actual usage. I confirmed my usage through My Telus websute as well as the My Telus app. I'm currently at about 43% usage. This is not the first time this has happened and is a little troubling.

In just received one of these 75% usage notification emails an hour ago. I went to my account with the app and my usage is close, 72%. I'd rather the notification be a bit early than late.

I just got another notice:


"We want you to know that you’ve used approximately 90% of your home internet plan’s included data.

You’re currently on the Optik Internet 75 plan, which means you enjoy 550 GB of included monthly data."


When I sign into my account or use the app my usage is 48.6% 267.41/550?!

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Have you changed from a slower plan which may have had a 300 GB limit?  I'm wondering if the notices are based on an old or previous plan.


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I believe our previous plans had a 300GB limit but we changed quite some time ago. The message does show our existing plan and limits. Just that we aren't anywhere near our limit.


That's what I was suspecting when I asked earlier about the plan info in the email. Looks like the email system is getting your current plan limit but the trigger for calculating the percentage and sending the warning is still using your old plan limit.


267/300 = 89%

230/300 = 75%


267/550 = 48%

230/550 = 43%


Unfortunately there isn't setting to turn off the notifications. Otherwise you could try turning off and back on again to reset the trigger.

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I had something similar happen a couple months ago. Said I was over but I checked my usage and I wasn’t... I actually talked to support about that and they had no real answers for me. It hasn’t happened since but now it seems it doesn’t matter since they’re covering the overages until June now I think.