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Internet port

We have not been able to sign in and do online PS3 gaming for almost a year. we could before with no problem. Connection issue every time this is attempted now. Is this a port issue?

sogball by Just Moved In
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T1200 installed instead of a t3200

So a tech guy came yesterday and installed a t1200 modem for me instead of a t3200. When I asked for the 3200 model, he said he would have to remove the two extenders already connected in my house to install the modem?I'm just wondering if it's a goo...

Naiar by Coach
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Resolved! Telus TV with Shaw internet

Hello, I am a Telus user. I have question regarding my Telus Tv. I am planning to switch my internet to Shaw due to internet very slow. Will my Telus TV work with Shaw internet after i switch over? Please some one advise. Thanks.

Kakka by Just Moved In
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DNS servers and moca

Got a new t3200 modem just wondering if the DNS servers can be changed? If so how?Also I notice the modem has built in moca according to the specs. However the tech has installed a Ethernet cable from the modem to a moca adapter then to coax. At the ...

Netflix 4K app soon?

Just noticed on bell fibre website that the Netflix 4 k app is now available . Looking at another forum it seems to have been available since October 3. Seeing how Telus uses the same 4K box I wonder if they will release the 4K app shortly. Anyone he...

How to change my IP?

Hi, How can I change my external IP address? I seem to have gotten a bad one. I am always presented with captchas on websites asking me to verify that I am not a bot. Using Actiontec V1000H. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

otrotg by Just Moved In
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Which router for Fibre

So a tech guy is coming to my house (again) because he needs to replace my old v1000 router (which he didn't the first time) as it's not capable of handling 150 very well. So I'm wondering which router I get now/am supposed to get? I've heard/read ar...

Naiar by Coach
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Resolved! Can't connect a Switch with Actiontec V1000h

Hi Telus communityI'm trying to connect a Gigabit switch with the Actiontec V1000H modem. Devices connected to the switch are not communicating with the LAN. I've tried connecting 3 different Switches, to both LAN and WAN ethernet ports of the V1000h...

lg83 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How to get service lines dropped for tree felling

I have several trees in my yard that need to be felled. They are dangerously tall. But to do this, I need the Telus service lines temporarily dropped from the main service pole so that they don't get destroyed if part of the trees knock them down. Wh...

tstorzuk by Friendly Neighbour
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