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Resolved! T3200M Bridge mode and Google Mesh WIFI Setup

Hi, The wireless signal from my T3200 does not provide sufficient coverage in my home as well the wifi doesn't play nice with certain devices on my network. ie - I have a server and printer (both wired) that cannot be found by devices that are connec...

Arne by Friendly Neighbour
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Devices dropping off Wifi

I have several smart home devices on 3 levels in my home - 6 light switches, 2thermostats, 2door locks, 1door bell cam, 1sprinkler, the usual home-office gear and personal devices (about 8 on wifi), plus 3 TV/PVR bases. I have a 3200M in the basement...

jrj by Just Moved In
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COVID 19 Data Overage Charges After April 30

Hi, My billing cycle ends after April 30th. If am over my data limit on April 30th how is additional data treated between the 30th and the start of my new billing cycle? Does data usage reset on April 30th? Am I charged for data used between April 30...

strinh by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Smart Hub Pairing with Router

Is it possible to wirelessly pair my Netgear router with my Telus Smart Hub? I don't want to have to run an ethernet cable from my router to the Smart Hub.

Resolved! Add another router to my Nokia Fiber modem

Anyone know if I can attach another router to the Data 2 output on my Nokia Fiber modem? I have seen an answer to the extra router question that suggests a Gigabit switch between the ONT and the 2 routers but it would be simpler to use the Data 2 por...

mg3 by Neighbour
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Can i sign up now and upgrade to fibre later?

Currently have shaw as I was misinformed when I bought the house that Telus dont provide service.I can get internet 50 but recently it has been suggested to me that my area of the NE of Calgary will be upgraded to fibre .If i were to sign up to a two...

Laoch by Organizer
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Can’t connect to some devices

Hi, so a few days ago some of my devices can’t connect to the internet. My TV, PS4 and my printer all can’t connect to the internet. They are connected to the wifi but the internet doesn’t work. However, my internet is working fine on my phone and la...

Zia24 by Just Moved In
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