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a question about plan bandwidth minimums and costs

Just Moved In

I am currently paying $90 per month for an internet 50 plan, but usually getting only about 30 to 33 MBPS (wired and wifi). It seems that fibre is not yet available in the area so I cannot upgrade to a 150/150 MBPS plan that also happens to cost $90  ;-(


So, I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the minimum bandwidth is for my plan. I understood from a tech (when it was possible to speak to one on the phone) that the full rated speed is not guaranteed, but that there was a minimum speed below which they would be required to do something about it.


30 to 33 would be reasonably acceptable (though I do not like paying for more and not getting it), however, I just went through a few days of single digit bandwidth, and do not have a lot of faith in the service.



Which modem are you using? Is it a bonded modem with two copper lines feeding into it? A common modem is the T3200M. You can go into your modem setup by entering the information, user, and password which should be on the side of your modem, into your computer browser URL line. 


Once in there you should be able to click on Status and then Line 1, and Line 2 (if you have two lines) to get some information on the line quality. Here is an example of what you should see. 




The Attainable Line Rate is at least in theory what that single line should be able to deliver. If you have two lines it should be the sum of the number for Line 1 and Line 2. 


If you have two copper lines coming into your home, and are only using one, it should be possible to get them both connected up. May need a new modem though. You are paying a lot for 50 Mbps, and not getting it. I pay $54 a month for 75 Mbps and actually get it. It would be fair to ask for more.