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...another Langdon Internet question

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My wife and I are moving back to the Mootown area.(thank god, Ottawa sucks)  We have been looking for landing spot as we are needing to work remote.  This means likely two persons doing video conference calls across Canada at any given time.  The previous question I saw didn't seem to indicate Langdon would have decent service.  LTE for two video calls simultaneously would likely not have the required bandwidth.


Are there any plans for Telus to improve Langdon bandwidth to something resembling high speed Internet.  A Bell rep tried to infer a cell signal type would work.  Somehow I can't see LTE with a max of 5-12 Mbps handling  two 4-6 Mbps on a regular basis.


Convince Me I am incorrect.  Or tell Me I am correct and I will look for a home in a  different area.  Too bad, Langdon has some nice homes.  I find it odd that Turner Valley and Black Diamond have Fibre  access and  they are further outside city limits.  Go figure.


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Community Power User

Sometimes smaller towns were more accommodating of the installation of fibre, or the infrastructure was in greater need of replacement. If high speed internet is important for you, I would look to neighbourhoods with fibre, or VDSL, and not be dependent on a wireless connection.

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@DJC162  In your search request what internet company services that house - apartment - condo. Older units have restrictions only copper tel or cable feeds and building owners don't like the cost of adding fiber if available. Real estate people should be versed in the needs of communication and if not look at a different company. If you find a place that looks correct for your needs. Maybe see if you can contact some of the neighbours to confirm who is servicing the area. Tel usually does not release date of updates to plant.