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Intermittent Telus Network (TV/Internet) Link Loss


We've been having this behaviour for months now. This is overnight ping performance using Net Uptime Monitor pinging every 1s and logging failure to get a response over 5 seconds.


11 failures overnight, lasting from 6-11 seconds. (allowing for the longer failure 2min+ to be a Telus system process overnight)


Failures of 6-11 length are the type that result in no internet service and for the Optik TV buffer to run out and the TV program to skip or even for the optik boxes to indicate a lost connection. If I am video conferencing that will break up for those I'm meeting with during that period. During those periods there is no ability to navigate to web pages. The two ADSL pairs on the router will also have the green light go off indicating no link.


Failure Start                     Length
2020-12-03 2:27:04 AM 0:02:14
2020-12-03 5:51:50 AM 0:00:08
2020-12-03 5:54:06 AM 0:00:09
2020-12-03 7:40:39 AM 0:00:06
2020-12-03 8:05:59 AM 0:00:09
2020-12-03 8:06:46 AM 0:00:08
2020-12-03 8:25:49 AM 0:00:11
2020-12-03 8:45:23 AM 0:00:12
2020-12-03 8:49:18 AM 0:00:06
2020-12-03 8:54:37 AM 0:00:08
2020-12-03 8:56:51 AM 0:00:06


Service wise everything is hard-wired via ethernet and behaviour is observable with only minimal Telus equipment installed.

All cables have been replaced at least once.

The modem/router T3200M has been replaced.

The 4K PVR has been replaced.

The wiring in the condo from to central in to the unit to the router has been replaced.

A tech looked at the wiring from the telecom closet to the unit as well.

A tech groomed the ADSL lines already.

The issue is not quality of signal (when there is a connection). Our rate is Internet 150 consistent until there is no response. It is basically like having working power for periods on end and then if flickering for parts of the day. Each flicker is loss of link to the router.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you know if this is shared with your neighbours?

If the incoming fibre is the issue and is shared, they should see the problem too. If the fibre is not shared, the problem may be your incoming line.


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I do not know if this is a shared issue with neighbors.

I do not know if any have the skillset to isolate and determine this issue like I've been able to. At best they'd be able to say their have TV/internet at times, but they likely would assume it is due to wifi.

Two more failures so far today. One disrupted a video call meeting (all wired through desktop->router->wall) to the point it was dropped.

2020-12-03 10:31:50 AM 0:00:10
2020-12-03 12:40:03 PM 0:00:07

I dropped the length to 3 seconds to try and capture the shorter blips where TV starts skipping but the overall length wasn't reaching 5 seconds.

Since noon.

2020-12-03 1:32:42 PM 0:00:04
2020-12-03 3:32:08 PM 0:00:03
2020-12-03 3:32:28 PM 0:00:07
2020-12-03 3:34:25 PM 0:00:12
2020-12-03 3:35:57 PM 0:00:07
2020-12-03 3:37:17 PM 0:00:08
2020-12-03 3:37:29 PM 0:00:12
2020-12-03 3:43:31 PM 0:00:03
2020-12-03 3:45:05 PM 0:00:04

Community Power User
Community Power User

You're going to have to reach out to Telus and schedule a service call. Let them know you already had a tech come at one point, they'll dispatch a higher tier tech to hopefully resolve your issue.

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This is what we are trying, again Saturday.