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How to Replace Telus Boost with 3rd Party Mesh System - With Telus Fiber 150 (Optic)

Helpful Neighbour

Hey all,

I have Telus Optic FIbre Service with both TV/Internet and I'm currently using the Arcadyan Modem and 2 Telus Boosters to create a Mesh Network.  I've been having issues though with system reliability, with slow speeds and devices regularly getting dropped.


I'm planning to buy an Eero Mesh (3 node) setup from a friend and install that.  


I guess I'm a bit confused though with how to set it up....


My ONT is in my (detached) garage, then routed via Ethernet cable to the current Router in my basement.


Do I need to keep the Arcadyan router and then hook up the Eero router in series with it, turning off the signal from the Arcadyan Router; or can I disconnect the Arcadyan router altogether and plug the EEro router into the ethernet cable coming from the ONT? (I assume not - I assume my Optic TV boxes need the signal from the Telus router?)


ANy advice is appreciated...obviously this isn't my wheelhouse, as you can probably tell 😛


Best option is to login to the TWH (white trash can modem, enable port bridging on port 1. Run a cat5 from the TWH, that way you avoid a double NAT, to the erro system. And you will have a vastly better wifi. Telus firmware has huge issues with Apple products. Telus is very much aware of this. Have been for months and months. Still not fixed.

Also connect all Telus tv boxes to the remaining 2 ports. If you need more than 2, call Telus and ask for loyalty and retention, and talk them into giving you a Telus approved switch for tv. They have them