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Call forwarding

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How do I forward my land line while I am away from home

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I don't think it's possible to do this remotely. Think of the security risk if it was allowed since there is no password associated with turning call forwarding on.


Customer service might be able to do it if you contact them. 

They had it on some lines remotely, 310-8682 from Alberta.  It still answers "advanced call management services" but the number for outside doesn't work anymore...



@xray There's no password required when forwarding from home.  The remote method (if Telus still has it) does require a password.  I just looked on a landline I have with another phone company, they have a portal where you can configure it. This isn't unheard of.

@BillTelusCust Call forwarding from home doesn't need a password. It's safe to assume you are authorized if you are using that phone. I have never heard of any way to set a password on your phone line other than for voicemail.

@xray Telus used to have a suite of services reachable at the aforementioned number.  That had one in particular, call gate, which instead of blocking a list of 25 numbers, it would block all BUT the 25 numbers list.


It had also call forwarding, and some other call controls which were reachable remotely.  You had to have a separate password for it, obviously so that others could not change settings. I used these things for quite a few years.  But they were mostly discontinued because the software was no longer available.


There is a place in the US that I have which has fiber internet and a land line. That phone company has a "phone portal" which I just checked following your post, and I can remotely enter forwarding destinations, and configure call forwarding.  It has the ability to also control whether the smart ring number is forwarded or not

In summation, the OP's request is likely unavailable, I don't think Telus supports this any longer-but they at one time did.  It is offered elsewhere, and the phone portal I mentioned uses a different password than the VM is a login.

@BillTelusCust I remember using the call gate from my home phone and didn't need a password, I didn't know it was accessible remotely as well.


If Telus were to add the ability to control call forwarding remotely now the obvious way to do it is in My TELUS right next to the Calll Control feature. It would be convenient to be able to attach a schedule to the call forwarding as well.

@xray I'm sure not everyone used the remote access feature. I didn't really need to remotely access it, but I like to see how those things work so I enabled it and documented it.


I agree that a good place to put it would be in mytelus.  I suspect a lot of these things aren't implemented because of the customer support costs of dealing with people who need help with how it works.


The phone portal I mentioned with another phone company is very basic and is not the same as their main portal.



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Here is the link for the documentation from Telus:


Call Forward for your home phone explained | Support |