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Any idea why the T3200 would be restricting speed?

Friendly Neighbour

My setup is T3200 -> Google Nest Wifi Router (3 point mesh)


I have Fiber 300/300.


Initially i was able to get 300/290 on Google Nest Wifi.  However, in the last week or so, my speed has come down to 90/70 for some reason.  I tried turn off port1 bridging.  Same effect.  I tried swapping out cables.  Same thing. I tried hardware reset the Google Nest Wifi - same thing. I tried plugging the Google Nest Wifi in a different part of the house.  I tried connecting my laptop directly to the ethernet port (still uses the cabling in the house).  Got a 90/90 speed.  The T3200 wireless from Telus is reporting speed of 300/290 and if i connect to their Wifi SSID, i get the same speed.  


Any ideas?


Will try plugging my laptop directly to the T3200 to test.  I could also try factory reset my T3200..


Thanks again