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Solutions to getting the best speed possible

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Hey guys,


So I have OF 1 GB internet using a T3200. my house is a singular floor and is a very deep design. The wifi signal is great throughout the house, but unfortunately, too many devices are connected to it via WIFI.


There are a total of 6 smartphones and 2 4K TVs and 3 high demand gaming PCs. Everything is WIFI except for the 1 PC in the same room as the modem which is hardwired to the T3200, which gives it an average speed that is generally around 1.5 Gbps, but where I fall short is the other PCs, they are horrible on the wifi network barely passing 200Mbps although they are compatible with ax generation networks and other people say they guy 1Gbps speeds no problem on them, and I am using TP-Link powerline adapters on them which cap at 500Mbps.


I guess what I am asking is what do you guys suggest I do to get better speeds.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You may wish to look at powerline networking. This will give you ethernet over your home power lines. I have this in most rooms in our house and can give you better speeds than wifi.

What powerline networking product do you use?

I bought an entry level 1 gigabit system at Best Buy for $79. it gave me at most 10MBPS, vs 30 to 35 via wifi, so I returned it.

I have a pretty old setup which is a mix of Homeplug AV200 devices. I started with WD Livewire and have since added a couple of Netgear devices and a D-Link. They all work together well but the best speeds I see are close to 200Mbps. This works fine for my needs. The new devices are up to 10X faster.


This is my go to site for recommendations:


Best Powerline Networking Adapter 2020 | Reviews by Wirecutter (


Are you using both a 5G and 2.4G frequency SSID? Perhaps you could move the lower demand items like the cell phones to the 2.4G? Is there any possibility of interference from neighbours using the same channels. I have used a simple exe called WifiInfoView to view what wireless channels are being used and how heavily. The Summary view under options give the simplest view of the traffic. The idea is to pick less used channels. Not sure if this works on your 1GB internet. I only have Internet 75, but use the T3200m modem. It has these settings in it under the Wireless Advanced tab. 

First off the t3200m doesn't like the 1gb service. So one issue there. Second never game wirelessly. It's like ice skating up hill into a head wind with an open parachute on your back. Take the time run cat6a to all locations and hardwire everything. I also have the pure fibre 1 GB service and I refuse to use a Telus modem as I found the firmware to be horrible and it would cause a complete loss of data flow (wired and wirelessly) Telus blamed my 24 port switch. So put in
And I haven't had any issues since....