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Resolved! Outages in Abbotsford

Are we experiencing outages in East Abbotsford and where is the correct page I can find this information? Thank you

Pnut91 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Problems with T3200M and additional Router vs Access Point

I've been stumbling through converting a router to act as an access point, with no success. My setup:I have a T3200M that has a couple of wired devices attached - a desktop, a printer and a NAS. The T3200M LAN IP is, Subnet 255.255.255....

Resolved! Port forwarding issue with T3200M

Hey there,So I am trying to set up a Flex attachment for Plex Tv which requires me to open a port.As far as I can tell, I have opened the port correctly as I can see its open if I go to canyouseeme.orgAs you can see the port shows as open.Below is my...

openport.PNG firewall.PNG

Resolved! What happened to Google Search ??

With the new "upgraded" Telus home page...I have now lost access to Google Search. I have Google + , but when I enter a search question, I get taken to a bunch of Communities and asked to "Join" Most of them don't even relate to my search question. W...

Home internet not working

Is there currently an outage in the Edmonton area? Our internet has been working only sporadically for the last 2 days. It is currently not working at all, and we have restarted and checked connections etc many times.

Kpmacd by Just Moved In
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Google Wifi setup port

I bought a 3-pack Google Wifi and was setting it up when I noticed that only the second port on my T3200M is available. Ports 1,3,4 are all being used. So my question is, do I need to unplug whatever is connected to port 1 and plug in the puck to por...

Naiar by Coach
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Telus Smart Hub data usage timing & accuracy

I have a telus smart hub with the wireless internet 250 plan. I live rural outside of Vernon BC so wireless is my only option. So far it's been great & I have no complaints it's just that I don't understand the data usage #'s. Telus gives me a daily ...

Lornetoo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unable to access certain sites on Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Hi there,I'm unable to access certain websites while others I can no problem, however the majority of sites I can't access. This happens on Wi-Fi and Ethernet. This happened last month as well but it seemed to have cleared up after a couple days. For...

CMster by Neighbour
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Telus PIK NOT working! Oct 7/2018

Telus your PIK TV stopped working... Tried to view after logging in on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Telus what's you ETA on a fix? Thank you

troybox by Friendly Neighbour
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