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Sudden changes

Just Moved In

Optik TV and Internet ...... what gives, from one day to the next the sound function on the TV disappears. (LG TV with a Philips soundbar)! 

Next comes that our Home WiFi setup loses the connection to the Telus gizmo overnight, just like that.

Today 90 mins on the phone with customer service/tech support.

Oh dear and I thought that SHAW left something to be desired.

Just had to get that off my chest, eh! 



@Oldrailfan  The telus 3200 modem and optik receiver are updated  on an on going basis. I have had to reboot the modem and receiver on  occasion. If your lg is a smart tv it could also receive updates. A power outage sometimes.

That sounds a lot like Microsoft way back when they introduced the Win OS. I'll see how it goes, but so far I'm not really impressed.

The modem and the receiver are also mounted in the "most convenient location" i.e. convenient for the installer, but certainly not for the customer.

@Oldrailfan  A lot of tv & bars will not communicate with telus wand. Check  your wifi  strength with app  I use  ( you can wander around the house to check signal strength minus 50 or lower is good 60 still ok minus 70 not so good but works. It will show you all close by users and what channel you are on and frequency 2.5 or 5ghz. This will help you place modem in best location for you. Ont stays put. Polecat

Community Power User
Community Power User

Does the feed from the PVR go to the sound bar, and then the TV, or directly to the TV? Some sound bars do not properly pass the TV signal. I had to switch my sound bar to be fed from the TV rather than it passing the TV signal through it after an update last year.


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