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Multiple access points w/ coax cable and converters

Just Moved In

Currently we have Gigabit home internet, and are using a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router, with the Telus T3200M set in bridge mode. The router is connected to the modem via a coax cable run through the house, to a converter box, then to the router as ethernet.


This setup has lead to a couple of dead spots in the house, but also some reliability issues with the Netgear router. (Perhaps the router becoming a bottleneck? Or perhaps its a firmware issue? Not too sure.)


I'd like to switch the Telus modem back to a router, then repurpose the Netgear router as an access point, and add another access point to cover some dead spots.


My main concern is running multiple access points through the coax cable w/ multiple converters.
Would a plan like this work? Is there perhaps a better solution.