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Resolved! Telus Hub wifi

I have a hub out at my cabin that has always worked great for internet. Recently we have hooked up google nest for our thermostat and InkbirdSmart for outdoor thermostats, which we like to monitor while we are away. Seems like after about 8 hours of ...

AmandaW by Just Moved In
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Telus Gmail account when I quit being a customer

Since my Telus email is now with Google gmail, a free service, will Telus be a decent corporate citizen and allow my Telus email account to continue after I am no longer a Telus customer or do they terminate the account? Thanks Some background.I live...

Resolved! T3200 and my own mesh wifi

Not tech savvy at all so looking for help. I have the T3200 modem installed into the garage and an Actiontec attached by coax cables on the main floor that has an ethernet cable attached to a Telus router (or extender?). I am wondering if it was poss...

janetylau by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus/Koodo and potential data breach

Hi everyone,I got call yesterday from a phone number that appeared as Telus and the caller said as a Home service Telus customer I could move my mobile line to Koodo and get more value in terms of data to use on my phone.It sounded like a good offer ...

Ter by Just Moved In
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Arcadyan Trash Can router - anybody have a manual?

Hello all, Looking for a manual for the Arcadyan trash can looking router. White cylinder with the lift able top. Want to confirm it's maximum internet connection speed. People are telling me it is 1G. Anybody know what the new Telus square router mo...

d4ll4s by Just Moved In
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Telus WiFi Hub Arcadyan - Parental Control

I have a Telus WiFi Hub Arcadyan (model: 4711a-prv65b) router. The admin panel does not have any option for parental control, or to block some websites/servers.Am I missing something?Is the option available and I can't find it?

amirabdi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Horrible home internet reliability

Hello, I have been fighting internet drop off for years with telus, had them play with the settings on their end and on my router, had them replace the router, every night (like right now) I switch to my cell internet because I can't get connection.A...

Telus Fiber Instalation

Hi, Telus is currently installing their Fiber network in my neighborhood and on my property. I would like to contact someone regarding damages to my property by their contractors. does anybody know who I would contact? I have tried the generic custom...

dpm1983 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How to add multiple static IP addresses?

Hi everyone,We have a small office and purchase 5 static IP address from Telus business.The issue is that, we cannot add these 5 static IP addresses to our Router (happened to be Edge Router) as Telus does not support this way.Tech support from Telus...

jamesnb by Neighbour
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