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Resolved! What is a reasonable number of calls to get from Telus a day?

I normally get 3-5 calls from Telus a week. I want to tell you about the last two Telus phone calls I had TODAY, in hopes that this gets to someone who cares. 11 amJason Bautista, Telus Marketing Department1-866-379-1905No email address to give mePro...

wenat by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Need set LAN port to music NAS

I use TM3200M router for my WI-FI and Optik TV. I set TM3200M as a bridge mode at LAN1 and connect with my new music NAS, however it doesn't work. It can't show NAS IP on my status table. How can I keep Optik and make LAN1 for new router or NAS?

cc31163 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wired Telus Boost

Hi there, this seems like a simple question, but I can't find a firm answer: is it possible to connect via ethernet a secondary Telus Boost device? I managed to run a long ethernet cable from the T3200M to the bedroom where I have poor WiFi. I hooked...

Esto by Organizer
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Resolved! Telus "can't give you fibre as the signal is too low"??

I am in Aspen Woods, Calgary. It is a house about 5 years old. The "fibre drop" (as in outside fibre cable) people tell me that fibre had been installed outside when it was built, as was the case for other houses in my small road. They drilled a hole...

andreww by Just Moved In
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Resolved! unresolved billing issues, failure to follow-up by telus

Hello, While I do realize this forum is not meant for person account question, this is my last resort as i am am receiving little more than fragmented and inadequate support through customer service phone lines. I will no longer phone customer servic...

Telus Wi-Fi B20T AP/Booster Guest Network

As part of new PureFibre residential service, I was given a Telus Wi-Fi Model B20T access point/"booster". On its System Information page it says it's a "Technicolor EWH1350TLU".On its Wireless configuration page it shows a "Guest" network, which is ...

NVDude by Neighbour
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Pure Fiber Install

Just wondering if a Telus technician needs access to the inside of my house to complete the fibre optic installation. Only Telus service we have is phone (landline and mobile) and we have a communication box set up on the exterior of our house. We ha...

kyc by Just Moved In
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