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Resolved! Reset Default Admin Password

I tried to log into the admin panel for my modem, but it seemed the password had been changed, so I tried resetting the password only to be told "The default admin password is incorrect. You must enter the correct default admin password." I have trie...

tape by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Routing issue from Calgary/Vancouver to Seattle via Level3

Issue : Target IP : (Level3 Seattle) Problem : High Latency. Up to 60ms.Expectation : Below 20ms. Effected users : all Telus gaming users.I will post treceroute if needed.

liliass by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Destiny 2 is borderline unplayable on Telus

Well, borderline unplayable in PVE. Completely unplayable in PVP.There are widespread reports of players on Telus fibre internet (a major telecom in the area) getting consistent 'connecting to destiny servers' messages, baboon errors, enemy rubber ba...

Resolved! Telus Hub Rural Internet

I have a Telus Hub 4G LTE and it works OK . I just bought a new iPad that has 5G cellular and it works way better than the hub. Is there a 5G Telus hub available now?

wrelliott by Just Moved In
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OpenVPN Client setup

I have subscribed to SurfShark VPN service and would like to setup the OpenVPN client with a VPN router (RT-AC66U B1). This VPN unit WAN port is connected to the Telus Actiontec T3200 lAN port. I am able to install the ovpn file and activate the VPN ...

nchang99 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! printer not working after fiber installed

so during install of fiber optics my printer turned off and eventually back on. installer didn't check before leaving and I didn't either until I actually needed to print stuff. Anyway it is connected via cable and not setup for wifi and now I get an...

Peppercat by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Arcadyan device received without warning

Received an Arcadyan AX central WIFI device. We did not order it. There was no warning from telus that it was coming. I called about it. The rep did not know anything about it. Nothing is noted on my account. She "guessed" that I could just install i...

nlmclean1 by Just Moved In
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unsolicited NORTON VPN emails from TELUS on my Mail.

RE: unrelenting marketing from TELUS: copy of text follows:You are not protected, ...(Name)...Set up your TELUS Online Securityaccount immediately to help defendyour online privacy and deviceswith bank-grade encryption."Connect safely and privately w...

Lib by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Red fail light on white nokia ONT internet and phone out

Just got the transfer to TELUS PureFibre mandatory done on March 12, then today,March 16, from 12:10 am to 1:00 am my internet went down as I was using it. I picked up my phone and no dial tone, so I went to the room were the nokia ont is, and the re...

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