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Unable to respond to a post.

Hi: trying to respond to a post I made a few weeks ago and am getting the following error:'Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested.' Thoughts?Thank you!

Resolved! Ethernet ports in room don't work

My main issue currently is that the ethernet ports in the rooms of my townhouse aren't working, more specifically the one in my room.  Now I've tried going into the basement where my modem is located to try route connection to this ethernet port. I'v...

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Gurkeerit by Just Moved In
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Change #rings for BOTH Default and SmartRing number

I probably have to call support for this, but since we got PureFiber we were advised that we had to get off the copper land line and port over to fiber. What they didn't say is that all saved voice mails would be lost and I actually had to call them ...

jdanham by Organizer
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Port Forwarding

I have Telus internet 150 with the T3200M and I have a Deco x60 connected to it for everything from wifi to hardwired connections. My problem is I'm trying to setup port forwarding, I have the port forwarding setup on the x60 but it doesn't do anythi...

Resolved! Connect to my Mac from outside my lan

It looks like Im not able to port forward on my Arcadyan hub... From Telus Assist:"Currently, TELUS residential services do not support port forwarding. If you require port forwarding, a static IP through our business plans may be more suited for you...

Replace Alcatel ONT & TELUS Wi-Fi Hub with

Hello, I would like to replace Telus hardware (ONT & Wi-Fi Hub as a router) with a single SFP-enabled device.Generally because ONT takes almost ⅓ space in the switch box and because Wi-Fi Hub "canister" doesn't fit into a switch box. Since Wi-Fi Hub ...

ajax by Neighbour
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Smart hub constantly cutting in and out

When playing online games I get constant lag spikes up to 1200+ ping. Seems to be my service. When I run a speed test I'll see it freeze and not work at all. It is not a device on my network using bandwidth as I've tried before with devices disconnec...

Resolved! ONT to desktop and separate router?

Couldn't find any prior threads specific to this question (although some were very close!).My desktop is in the basement, along with my ONT and 3200M. The house is Ethernet wired and I have a UBIQUITI router on my main floor, currently plugged into t...

Hipwood by Neighbour
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