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Fiber install hole for a year

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Telus started the fiber upgrade in my neighborhood last summer.  They have left me with a huge hole in my yard since last July.  It extends beyond the easement as well.  Its about 4'x6' and 8' deep with half a dozen small pieces of plywood dumped on top.  I've spoken to Telus several times.  I was emailed a resoution date of May 18.  Nothing has been done.  No one contacted me like it said in the email as well.  I called again and my call was escalated and no one returned my call.  I've had an account with Telus for over 20 years.  It is absolutely ridiculous to destroy my front yard for over a year like this.  What can I do?  Since telus clearly doesn't care about their customers.


Community Power User
Community Power User

It has been previously suggested to contact your municipal office to learn who actually did the installation, and address it jointly with the municipality as a safety issue to get the contractor to address it.



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Further to NFtoBC...
Do you have, or are there, children that have access to the area?  Notify Telus that children are at risk of being injured;  they will need to escalate this immediately to a critical safety issue as they have been informed of a potential danger. 


Hopefully, it will be resolved before someone's child is hurt.

Telus is ultimately responsible for managing the work of their contracted installers.