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Resolved! Email transfer from Telus to google mail

I have stumbled on a number of web articles about telus mail moving to gmail. Link: have not received any notification of this. Any idea what is happening.Thanks!

Device not choosing closest Telus boost point

Hi, I have 3 Telus boosts (all hard wired), each in 3 levels of my house. I am noticing with my cell phone (Galaxy Note 10+) it does not switch to the nearest Boost point in my kids bedroom on the top floor, even when I'm right beside it or when the ...

Wewayi by Neighbour
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Intermittant poor bandwidth

I'm in the Edmonton, Alberta area and recently upgraded to Internet 25 on a copper DSL line. Normally I get 28.9 Mbps down and 2.9 Mbps up with a ping of 6 ms to the nearest TELUS server in Edmonton (via TELUS speed test). This afternoon and yesterda...

JonB by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Switch and Router Connected Directly to ONT

Hey everyone, I have had an idea brewing for a bit now on how to fix the Wi-Fi upstairs. Long story short, we have a pretty big house that's been finished already. The previous owners only wired the first floor for Ethernet, and I've already ran a 10...


The WIFI in my home drops in and out. I can see it on my iPhone as the wifi icon disappears and reappears. When I do a search or move to a different site on my iPad it says “site not found No wifi connection” when I refresh the site comes up. This lo...

TRF by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pure fibre vs. Shaw

I live in Belcarra and recently Telus installed fibre out here. I’m wanting to switch to fibre but when I contacted Shaw to cancel they told me the following... “ OK, so with Telus fibre, unless they have attached something new to your home, or dug u...

cdt79 by Just Moved In
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Fibre Optic Internet Install

I received notification that fibre optic is being installed in my neighborhood. Can anyone advise if thereis a way to know if they will do aerial or inground installation. Also, if I opt out now, can I get it later?

Heidi268 by Just Moved In
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