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Scheduling access, / parental controls, wifi

Just Moved In

There used to be an option to set up a wifi access schedule, you could input certain days and times when wifi was allowed.  It was the first item in the left menu under Advanced Set up,  I think it was called 'restricting access' and there was also a second option called 'parental controls'.  Both seem to be gone or have been moved?  Can anyone shed some light?  I need to restrict my child wifi access. and don't see any way to do that now. Thanks in advance 🙂 


Community Power User
Community Power User

That's done through the Telus My Wifi app now. (iOS, Android)


  1. Click on the Pause Wifi button at the top.
  2. Create a new Profile and name it.
  3. Add your child's device to that profile by selecting the device from the list.
  4. Go back and select the profile and you'll see two options. Schedules and Content controls. You can then set up either or both.

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