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Resolved! Telus Wi-Fi Hub Specs

Hey everyone, I just upgraded to Gigabit internet today but I’m not thrilled with my T3200. Dots anyone know the specs of the new Wi-Fi Hub (especially if it’s Wifi6)? There’s very little into it there and nothing I can see on Arcadyan’s website.@Bra...

Resolved! Change ip

When I play video games I always get booted off.How can I change ip

Resolved! 1.5Gb/s Internet offering...

Good day… I see in my area Telus is starting to offer a 1.5Gb/s download service… Terrific news for us… My question pertains to what equipment we must now utilize to benefit from this additional speed…First, and please correct my if my impression is ...

DrPacman by Rockstar
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Resolved! WiFi keeps dropping on all handheld devices

We have 2 iPhones and two ipads and the WiFi connection keeps dropping. The solution has been to turn off wifi and then back on. This is good for short periods. Using the PC last week and the wifi kept dropping there too. I'm sure we need a new modem...

rsayle by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Getting Pure Fibre in my Strata Area

Moved into a new development of about 40 Townhouses 2 years ago, didn't realize that its a Shaw Exclusive area. I have spoke to head of our Strata and was told that if Telus could come in and get their service in our area for no cost to the residents...

LowG187 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Boost wi-fi and moca

Hey guys, I've had PureFibre Gigabit for a few months now. Ethernet speeds are blazing but haven't been happy with the wi-fi coverage. So, I have the Boost Starter 2-pack arriving soon and have some questions about installation and function. Since i ...

alf3124 by Organizer
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Spec for fibre cabling? Would like to relocate ONT

Hello, I had Telus fibre installed in my house in Nov2019.Overall I am very happy with the install and service. However, the ONT is currently in my garage and I would like to relocate it to my mechanical room where the rest of my network equipment is...

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