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I have a number of complaints following installation of fibre cable on my property in summer 2020. I didn't argue about whether or not you had the right to enter my property and carry out the installation however I did not agree to having my yard destroyed in the process. For some unknowable reason your engineers decided to put in one of those ugly boxes right near my garage when they had plenty of room closer to the street. Then they came and opened the hole I don't know how many times and destroyed more of my lawn every time. 


Now I have a mud pit around the box, scattered stones everywhere and mud through my gate area. Almost impossible to get around the side of the house without tracking muck into the garage. Photos attached.


I know you say you will remediate the situation but I think that means tossing a handful of grass seed in the muck and leaving it to me to fix. 


Not good enough. I spent good money to put sod throughout that area two years ago when I removed a garden the former owner built there. I pay a landscaper to treat my yard in the spring and all of that work has been wasted in that area.


I want the entire properly remediated which means sod. Clean up all the muck and stones. Properly grade the area around that horrible box and leave me something my landscaper can work with.


Let me know what you intend to do. 


David Anderson 



@We are customers only on here Best be in touch with telus . Pictures will not show up on this site. You must have fiber to your house now. Any junction boxes would be on right of way. Or you have to sign an easement. Ask to talk to a supervisor and get hardcopy and print it with all the names of people you talk to. Polecat

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Telus has destroyed my driveway to pull fibre into the neighborhood. I am the end of the pull and they left a coil of fibre burried in the driveway. They never contacted us at any time about this. They won't pull the fibre to my home because I am not a phone or cable customer with them, but I have home security with them. I called Telus twice and neither tech had any idea about the services being installed in my neighborhood. In fact one said they have no record of them being in my neighborhood. The workers here say get the fibre pulled to your home or it could cost $1000 later when we left the area. The Telus tech confirmed this and suggested I find the supervisor in the subdivision and speak with him. There are so many crews here I would have no inclination where to start. 

Since the techs had no information within Telus, was that the plan to start with. Tell no body anything and perhaps they will go away, or is Telus really that clueless they don't know what they are doing. There is no person to speak with specifically on this issue, as I did asked.

The crews have been here for weeks and destroy the grass and concrete and leave concrete chunks on the street. They had trouble coring the 14 inch hole in my driveway because of all the rebar in it, as the worker stated. Now Telus wants to fill it with no rebar in the concrete.

These are only but a few reasons I find Telus unscrupulous. 

Still looking for answers!!!!

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Usually this task is contracted to a specialist company, which is why the Telus staff would have no knowledge of the installation. Your best place to start would be with the site supervisor you already spoke with, and ask how you can escalate your concerns, however, remember, the 6 feet from the curb usually is owned by the municipality, and hosts a number of services, which may be dug up at any time.


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