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Resolved! Turn Smart Wifi off?

Does anyone know how to turn Smart Wifi off on those new white shiny Telus Hubs? I'd like 2.4 and 5ghz to be separate SSIDs

JayeCat by Just Moved In
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Fibre Optic SFP

I’ve upgraded all my network hardware because I wasn’t completely happy with the Telus Hardware.. nothing bad to say about it.. just wasn’t giving me what I needed... now I’d like to know if I can replace the media converter (Whit Fibre Optic box) wi...

BWMuller by Just Moved In
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Resolved! RPKI safer than BGP?

Can anyone add some insight to the security concerns raised by this website, please?

cret by Just Moved In
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Internet help.

I live in rural Alberta and have a pretty slow internet connection (2mbs/s -1mbs/s average). I was wondering if Telus still offered a DSL connection because we have a phone line from Telus running into our house. We don't qualify for the smart hub qu...

KaelHuska by Just Moved In
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Actiontec 6000Q next to VEN501

Hello, I'm having poor WiFi performance in my house and, after complaining to Telus, they put in the following setup. I am trying to understand the setup so I know where the flexibility is to adjust settings or device placement and ultimately improve...

Calannn by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Moving to fiber

Fiber is coming to my neighborhood as I type . What, if anything can I do in my home to make it easier for when the installer comes? Currently my "Telus" comes into my electrical panel cupboard on a telephone wire. It is converted/split (?) to an ADS...

62063e by Organizer
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Resolved! Problems connecting Sonos SL speaker to TELUS WiFi Hub modem

Hi CommunityI bought a Sonos SL speaker and tried to connect it to our TELUS Wifi Hub modem through the Sonos app. I have an existing Sonos connect amp on the network.I tried connecting through WiFi and hard wired Ethernet into TELUS WiFi Hub. Sonos ...

KanoeKid by Organizer
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Boost WIFI I need HELP! please

Hi so when i first switched to Telus i got a telus boost wifi system with it and everything was fine for 2 months. All of a sudden next morning i am getting really bad speeds. I have tried literally everything i was on technical support for a solid h...

Zylia by Neighbour
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