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Resolved! Eero Pro router with Nokia ONT

Hello, I've recently been advised in this forum that I could use a 3rd-party modem instead of the T3200. (The reason for the change is a rather complicated setup that still relies on an old copper line between the ONT and Actiontec). Here is the thre...

Long Distance Call Routing Issue?

I'm having an issue when calling my mum in San Diego County from Victoria where one of two things occur:1) The call is dialed from my land line in Victoria and the phone on the other end rings once - then clicks and then static. Same happens from my ...

VOIP audio occassionally bad!

We recently converted to Telus from Shaw. On Shaw, we had a measily 25 down / 5 up and rarely had audio issues even when 2 or 3 of us were calling in to web, skype, teams, or zoom calls. But now on Telus 150, I'd say at least half of my MS Teams call...

HornSpace by Just Moved In
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Email Migration problems

I first received a couple of emails about the upcoming migration. At first, I believed it was a scam. I tried several times to reach a representative-after being on hold fir 2 hours, it then just rang, until I hung up 15 min later and called again an...

Service in area for tv

Why is it when I live in a city that I cannot get Telus TV when three blocks away they can but there’s no service in my area and I’m stuck with competitor

Tooter by Just Moved In
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Telus internet outage in Calgary downtown

Is anyone experiencing an outage with their home internet with Telus? I called them a few hours ago and they said that this was a larger outage in the area but I see nothing reported on the Telus website and I'm still without internet. Thanks

Resolved! T3200M Modem IP Address Different than Public IP Address

Telus just updated my DSL modem to the T3200M. Having difficulty port forwarding and noticed that my new modems IP address is different than my public IP address (via What's My IP or Dynamic DNS Service). I always thought the modem IP address was the...

shiskow1 by Organizer
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