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Resolved! Very strange connection problems - using PureFiber

Hi all, I am having this very strange internet connection problems as I am using the PureFiber service. 1. I am okay to connect to most websites except websites in China. Especially those banking websites in China, I am unable to log on, for example:...

Franco by Just Moved In
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Wi-Fi Hub conflict with Windows/Dell Adapter?

I have Telus Fibre 150. I normally get 150 Mbps+ speed over WiFi on all my devices (Dell laptops, iOS, and Android), but performance on the laptops intermittently drops off to around 50 Mbps, and will stay at that speed for a day or two. Telus has be...

jssilver by Just Moved In
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T3200 - 'Bandwith Monitor' v's 'My Telus' App

Hi, we have a T3200 router, I would like to ask... Is there any way to create individual user profiles on the router based on an individual PC's MAC or IP address within the router settings and associate that with a bandwith rule that you only have X...

Resolved! Cannot ping my Telus T3200M modem/router from outside.

Hello, I am on Telus PureFiber. I can't seem to be able to ping he public IP address it is under. I played around with various settings in the router's admin page with no luck. There is no third party router connected and I am currently connected wir...

nya13 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus PureFiber - Are ports 80 and 443 still blocked?

Hello, Could someone confirm if port 80 and 443 are still blocked for incoming traffic? I chatted with Telus back in January 2020 before I signed up to their service and they said: "...I appreciate your patience. I have checked our system already. Po...

nya13 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Boost Wifi problem!

In the Telus My Wi-Fi app on my iPhone, under Network Status it says, “Wi-Fi booster information is only available when you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi”. I am already connected to the home wifi and can see the devices list but I cant view any inf...

TELUS Boost firmware update

Hi, I just received a notification on my phone stating that I should upgrade my boost firmware. I can't find where I would do that. My current firmware is v1.32.27 build 12, maybe someone can check if they have newer firmware than me? or advise how t...

onovtec by Friendly Neighbour
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