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Moving an overhead line from my house to my garage

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Hi there,


Does anyone know who I need to chat with at Telus about getting information about the process of moving an overhead fibre line from the pole to my house? I'm doing some landscaping work and would like to reroute that line via the garage and underground. 

I've called their customer support team and have been bounced back and forth between Technical Support and Customer Support three times. I understand this is not a usual request, but i'm stuck in limbo trying to get to the right department to get some basic questions answered. 


If anyone has run through this process, I'd be grateful for a quick note to understand how it works and who to contact. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I know for copper lines that used to go to the phone / repair queue. With fibre I'm not entirely sure.  You're basically looking to temporarily disconnect the line. Start with requesting that and that may point the rep in the right direction. That kind of request likely isn't that uncommon when someone is doing renovations and the line needs to be out of the way.


Getting it reconnected through a different location on the property may be a little harder. Especially if the line will end up in a different location in the house than it is now. I'm no contractor or electrician so you may want to get a more qualified opinion on what is needed - like installing a conduit, drilling the foundation to get the line inside, etc.. If you can get in touch with an actual Telus installer, they may also be able to offer some advice but I'm not sure if there is an easy way to do that.

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