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Problem with the Internet and High Upload Data Usage

Just Moved In

Hello, I just arrived in Canada a few months ago and I'm living with my host family now. We have a huge problem with our Internet, it's very hard to explain but I can say that we usually don't have Wifi on some devices. For example, if my laptop is using Wifi, my phone doesn't have Internet, and if I turn off the Wifi on my laptop and try to connect to the Internet again on my phone, I'll have Wifi on my phone.


Last week, a Telus guy came to my house in order to fix the problem. He said that because I used huge uploading data (over 1GB per day), my housemates couldn't connect to the Internet. To be honest, I agree that I used huge uploading data because I make video calls with my girlfriend in my country every day. However, I don't think this is the reason why we don't have Wifi sometimes because I was in Canada last year and also made video calls with my girlfriend and my family every day, we didn't have any problem.


Please help me out, give me some recommendations or suggestions. I'm very good at technology and I guess that our problem is with the modem. I think the modem limits the number of users which is why I don't have wifi on my laptop and my phone at the same time, and if yes, my housemate couldn't connect to the Wifi.


Community Power User
Community Power User

What is the current internet "speed" package you subscribe to? How many "users" are using the internet.


I will assume when you say "WiFi" you don't actually mean "Internet access". It is not the same thiing.

WiFi connectivity has nothing to do with what plan you have. If your devices are not able to connect over WiFi or loose WiFi connections frequently then the issue is router configuration or router hardware. Don't waste any time looking at your plan until you get the router issue sorted out.


How many WiFi devices are connected?

Are all devices having similar issues or only some of them?

Some informatino on the device models would be useful.

Some informatino on which Telus router you have would be useful.