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Telus is mocking me.


Telus is mocking me. I don't understand what is going on!
I live in Calgary and in 2018 I bought a new house and wanted to proceed with Telus since I was their customer many years already. Telus salesperson checked my new address and said this is not a problem, so we made an appointment for home service installation but on appointment day the technician walked around my area in Walden and figured out he can not connect my particular house to any closest Telus box. So I needed to sign a 2-year contract with Shaw.
Later in 2020 I got an offer from Telus for home internet the guy promised that this time there was no problem at all to provide Telus to my home, but after 2 weeks I got a call and the Telus rep said they are not able to provide service to my home. I asked the reason and they said the closest connection box for my home shown in their system is in Okotoks! Just for info, it is 30 km from my house and Live in center of the Walden community. I said it is impossible since I live in Calgary and my neighbours have Telus service, so why I can't have it as well? But they responded: sorry, bla-bla-bla...
A couple of weeks ago someone from Telus knocking on my home and made an offer again for pure fibre internet and guaranteed 100% this time work will be done. Today I got a call from Telus and they again said sorry, we can't install internet in your house and we going to cancel the order.
TELUS, are you kidding me? How many times you are planning to mock me?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. There seems to be an issue between service availability showing at your specific address in the system, and the actual physical location itself. In a case like this, our technicians onsite would definitely set your services up if it was possible and simply not say it wasn't possible for any other reason. We definitely could look into your location and see if our team can figure out why it's showing as having services available when in fact it appears that it's not possible.


I'll send you a private message to get your full address if you're ok with that, so that I can dig a bit deeper.

Mod Edit - private information.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey. I edited your comment as it contained private/sensitive info, but I looked into the address in our system and it does indeed say that this would need to be escalated to our team that handles these types of address situations where services show as available...but there may be a specific roadblock (i.e. no ports available, wiring not available in the address, address mismatching, etc.)


Your best bet would be to call this team directly at 1-855-595-5588, give them your address, and explain what has happened so they can investigate.

Ok, thanks!