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Resolved! Nokia G- 240-G-A

How do I turn on data port 2 on the Nokia G240GA

Say by Friendly Neighbour
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TELUS can't find service address

Hello, I've been trying to get our home services switched to TELUS, but am unable to do so because TELUS can't find our address in their system. I spoke to a few representatives, and have been told that our address needs to be added to the system and...


Why does CBC Radio 1 Vancouver sound so bad through my Optik tv now, but sounds perfect from Victoria. News is different so would like Vancouver. Thus has been reported before

Vivien1 by Just Moved In
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MyTelus Website not working!

For the last many months, the MyTelus website has not been working.I can login OK and see my Overview just fine, but when I click on any of the tabs like Internet or Home Phone, etc., I always get this error message - "Looks like something went wrong...

Pesi by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Anybody having issue with VPN via Telus Home Fiber service?

My wife and I have worked from home for around a year and we just started to get constant disconnection via VPN about 2 weeks ago.Just wonder if somebody else having the same issue with us? The issue only occurred during day time (my wife used VPN at...

LucS by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What does my modem look like?

Is it the thing they installed in my front hall closet or the little black box next to tv?And apparently my bandwidth sucks. How to I fix it?

Jane2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PureFibre install

Hi Guys, Telus technician came twice(Mar 24th 2021 and Apr 8th 2021) then found out that the conduit was not installed yet, Aecon the contractor did the preparation survey and the operator said they needed to talk to Telus for a proposed solution and...

HenryHa by Neighbour
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