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Resolved! Inability to Access Google Docs on Telus Email Accounts

Hi there, My wife runs a small business and has been using her TELUS accounts to access google docs for quite a while. Her customers send her links to their files in google docs with security allowing her TELUS email addresses to access them. With th...

2 Public IP Addresses With Fibre 1Gb & 1.5Gb

Hi There!Just wondering if you can still put a switch directly after your Fibre Connection and then connect the Telus Router (For their other services Optik TV & Home Phone) as well as your Own Third Party Router (For your home private & guest networ...

Home internet

Just signed a 16 month lease in Edmonton. Just wanted to know if I sign up for a 2 year term with Telus, am I able to transfer the services after the 16 months to a new house without penalties.

Luitingh by Just Moved In
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Ethernet to ONT box

Am I able to hardwire my PS4 directly into the the ONT box? I tried connecting my Ethernet cord into the box but I wasn’t getting an internet connection.

Jabrowni by Just Moved In
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Alexa Integrator Optic TV

Has anyone been able to find the Telus Home Assistance in Alexa? Telus advertises Alexa works with optic TV, but it doesn't at this point. The Telus reps couldn't answer why it won't work. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Alexa and it can't fi...

ML1 by Organizer
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Using a second T3200M router with Optik TV 4K box

Hi all,I have a T3200m on one side of my home that is the connected via DSL phone jacks. A coax cable runs from this router's MOCA port to a farther side of my home. At the other end of this cable is a Telus coax-to-ethernet adapter that is connected...

EBAL by Organizer
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