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Free bump from Internet 75 to 175?

Helpful Neighbour

Has anybody else noticed their PureFibre Internet 75 was bumped to 175 Mbps? I noticed this in early August while running a speed test. At first, I thought it was a glitch but it has stayed at that speed for a couple weeks now. I've been subscribed to PureFibre 75 in Vancouver for about a year.



You are not the only one that has noticed a bump in speed:


I live in Vancouver too and switched over to Telus in April. For the first 2 months I was getting the normal speeds that you should get with the Telus Internet 75 package but in early June I noticed that my readings had almost doubled and as of today I'm still getting test results around 170 Mbps for both upload and download. I suppose one day everything will go back to normal so I guess we should just enjoy the extra power while it lasts.

Helpful Neighbour

You're right, my account shows the 150 Mbps down/up service as well. I guess 75 is too "slow" for basic fiber these days.


Here in my neighbourhood in calgary i just got fiber installed. Wasnt told it was ready.. just noticed our "internet 150" on copper/coax was always doing 135 download, 42- upload area MAX for 6-7 yrs, and all of a sudden I was doing upwards 180s download, 70s upload. It was because traffic lifted and went to fiber, booked my apt that day and got it installed the next day! 1500/1500 with a 2.5gbps motherboard with Z490 unify from msi, cat6 550mhz cable only 20 ft long, plugged direct into the 10gbps port at the hub they supplied at my electrical panel area- gets 1056mbps download and only 942 upload.. everything on the computer is configured proper. Modem also. Brand new cat6 550mhz cable.. waiting on my call back.. I get that theres some wiggle room but eh... shouldnt be this bad...